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What UK agencies should dwell on dealing with gambling?

online gambling

The head of Mecca Bingo marketing Harry Lang says the igaming is a very evolving field but UK agencies have no idea how to aim it.

A provocateur and gambler Hunter S. Thompson told that you should learn not only how to have fun, but to be smart in gambling. Agencies should observe this idea as well.

What can guarantee you the variety of emotions without any drugs? Gambling! King Henry VIII knew the answer as he was a true gambler. Current people face the choice between online casinos, mobile entertainments and TV advertisements of gambling daily.

According to Gambling Compliance Research Service (GCRS) in 2014, the income of the UK increased by 12.2% to £2.31 billion in 2013. After this the UK authorities decided to introduce a new 15% ‘Point of Consumption’ (POC) in December 2014 tax, intending to get £400 million more in taxes in 2015.

But the forecast of GCRS says that the income will increase by 10% to £2.83 billion in 2015 and 13.6% to £3.22 billion in 2016.

Despite all the taxes imposed, igaming operators have some funds to attract clients to this competitive market. TV ads and banner campaigns as means of marketing strategy don’t work anymore. Every campaign to promote the operator should be well estimated and thought-out. Here are some pieces of advice that agencies should keep in mind while developing a strategy.

  • 1. Study the world of gambling with its terminology. Before offering some gambling to others, try to do this yourself or allow your team to do this for you.
  • 2. Analyze your audience and their demands to please them.
  • 3. Look through the offers of your competitors and compare them with yours.
  • 4. Keep a high intrigue in your proposal.
  • 5. Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t understand something.
  • 6. Play according to the Gambling Commission’s ad rules page.
  • 7. Don’t forget about returns.

Be intelligent and consider everything in advance if you want to succeed!

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